Saturday, September 1, 2012

Author:M. Azim Ulfati
Customer-Driven Marketing

Assess ZipCar’s marketing strategy with universities. In extending this model, analyze the direction ZipCar has gone with this marketing strategy and its goal of supporting a sustainable environment. Provide examples with your response.
Compare and contrast the customer loyalty programs for the airline and hotel chain you researched. Provide examples with your response. Then, determine what practices you would employ to your business to foster loyalty.

Zipcar strategy is one of the best ways of business in today’s relationship marketing toward the universities based on the needs and wants of students. It not only helps environment and saves lots of money for students but also it helps the college students get around the campus and community. It is a great and flexible transportation especially for college students with no hassle of owning a car to get around the campus or off campus. Zip car is a suitable car for the University of New Hampshire for meeting its campus goals.
The Zipcar goal is to connect the university activities in the environmental community and that is why the university of New Hampshire has lots of benefits from the Zipcar. For example, It reduces demand for on-campus parking; alleviates congestion
a sustainable alternative transportation solution that reduces your carbon footprint.
Turnkey program includes everything you need, even gas and insurance. Flexible programs for faculty and staff
Simple online application and approval processes.
Students can have 24/7 self-service access to cars, low hourly and daily rates include gas and insurance, they can reserve online or using their mobile device – in seconds and the cars are located right on campus for them
Zip car not only provides environmental solutions but also it does provide campus solutions within a strategic partnership.
Zipcar goes to college and makes a change. Zipcar for University is making a difference on college campuses across the country. Taking a cue from old chemistry text, you know that the right balance of green initiative, campus congestion relief and student interest delivers a viable and cost-effective transportation solution that works for everyone.
Zibcar strategy toward the UNH helps environmental initiatives and supports student’s interests alleviating on campus traffic and it brings many campuses together.
Zipcar University Transportation Services at UNH has been always loyal to its customers through 24/7 availability of transportations and accessibility to services and created and maintained a safe and orderly environment for travelers to and around campus while also providing a broad range of high quality, cost effective parking and transportation programs and services.

I researched two businesses and those are South West Airline and Marriot Hotel.
Marriot Hotel uses points for rewards on every purchase.
South West Airline has partnered with the best names in Hotels, Dining, Rental Car, and Retail to make sure you can continue earning points, even on the ground. The best part is, these are purchases you planned on making anyway, so you will be earning points without any extra effort. Rapid Rewards Members who are also members of Marriott Rewards®* will receive 600 Rapid Rewards Points instead of Marriott Rewards® points at ten different brands worldwide for every qualifying stay** at JW Marriott. To receive Rapid Rewards Points for your stay, simply request Rapid Rewards Points, provide your Rapid Rewards account number, and present your Marriott Rewards® card at check-in. 
You can also redeem your Marriott Rewards® points for Rapid Rewards Points.
10,000 Marriott Rewards Points = 2,000 Rapid Rewards Points
20,000 Marriott Rewards Points = 5,000 Rapid Rewards Points
30,000 Marriott Rewards Points = 10,000 Rapid Rewards Points
70,000 Marriott Rewards Points = 25,000 Rapid Rewards Points
125,000 Marriott Rewards Points = 50,000 Rapid Rewards Points 

Southwest Airlines Rewards is basically the same, earn points for all purchases (and for using SWA credit cards) which garner points to use for, even they go one step beyond and have their program broken down.
I am currently an independent business owner with Amway company. This company uses the same points method. The more I sell or buy products in my company the more points I get.

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